The Unique Way of FX Trading

A completely mew method has come into being to help traders perform their trading activities in a very efficient way. Now it’s possible to use certain advisors for automatic trading.

The advisor called “NetTradeX Advisors” is provided by the well known Forex brokerage company IFC Markets which day by day increases the number of traders due to its reliability and high reputation.

Different-ways-to-different-way-to-trade-forexNetTradeX Advisors is available in the form of an additional terminal. It can be used either independently or simultaneously with the main terminal.  In order to create the advisors you should use an integrated language of programming known as NTL + (NetTradeX Language).   The latter complements the functionality of the main terminal.

The user can perform basic trading operations like, for example, open and close positions, set up orders, use standard charts, add chart indicators and objects for the analysis of trends in the market.

Together with it it’s possible to create user indicators and utilities. In NetTradeX Advisors with the help of integrated language NTL+ one can create three types of scripts: experts, indicators and utilities. Each type of script is intended for certain trade or analytical task:

  • Experts (Expert Advisor): Those are trading robots which give opportunity to automatically analyze the state of market and trade in it;
  • Indicators (Custom Indicator): This type of script enables you to create your own indicators.
  • Utilities: Those scripts are intended to help in performing trading as well as other activities.

According to the experts and experienced traders who carefully scrutinize each innovation in Forex market, NetTradeX Advisors opens wide opportunities for traders to easily and successfully reach their goal.

As any useful technological innovation which is meant to make our life easier, more comfortable and more gainful, this trading instrument as well has all the potential to help traders come out from each situation as a winner. Using NetTradeX Advisors and NTL + will let you customize the trading system more effectively, and thereby improve your trading results.

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