Trade EURUSD: The Most Liquid Currency Pair

"Trade EURUSD"EURO is the second most traded currency after the US dollar. The Euro and the US Dollar are both considered to be very liquid, meaning that you can always put a large amount of money out, with minimal flows to the price. Thus many people prefer to trade EURUSD considering it the most predictable and popular currency pair.

In addition to the high liquidity, another reason people trade EURUSD is that it shows enough volatility to allow a trader to make a profit from swing.

Those, who prefer trading several pairs, tend to become familiar with their activity and to understand the nuances of each one. By far, the commonly traded currency pair is the EURUSD, followed by GBPUSD. Trading EURUSD is a preferable way to decrease the risk, as it provides the ability to make a profit in rising and falling markets.

Sometimes people want to trade EURUSD, but you they are afraid of losing money; to such people Infin Markets offers to open free demo accounts and try themselves. In case of having success in trading, they can already open real account and earn money.

Trading EURUSD currency pair is appropriate for advanced Forex traders, as well as beginners. The preferable trading styles are Day trading and Swing trading.

In general, EURUSD traders use support/resistance levels, giving good entries and exits there, and in case those levels break, it typically indicates a solid move for beneficial trading. Moreover, it is also helpful to watch overbought/oversold, when trading EURUSD, because those levels often become turning points. The idea is that knowing where support/resistance and overbought/oversold levels are, can be quite beneficial.

If you tend to trade EURUSD, you should be able to trade like a professional; first of all you should understand yourself as a trader, then understand Forex trading techniques, and then finally focus on EURUSD as an essential currency pair.

As soon as you realize what type of trader you are, you can start to trade and get better.

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  1. Liz

    The best time to trade EUR/USD pair is during London and New York sessions (8 am to 10 pm GMT).
    The most active hours are 13 pm to 17 pm GMT, when two sessions overlap.

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