Four Tips For Saving Money On Your Power Bill

Many different parts of a home increase the power bill every month. Three of the largest expenses come from heating and cooling systems, appliances and lights. Drastic changes to the home are not necessary to reduce power bills each month. Many simple actions can make a difference. Four tips will help homeowners to save money on power bills.


1. Cover and Insulate Windows

Windows are a major reason for high power bills. One way to lower heating and cooling costs is to use heavy window dressings throughout the year. Heavy curtains will stop the sun from heating the inside of the home in the summer. They also block drafts and cold air during the cooler months. Insulating the windows also helps by preventing warm or cool air from escaping the house. This will lower energy bills.

2. Off-Peak Rates

Nearly all power companies charge homeowners less for electricity during off-peak hours. Off-peak hours are generally early morning or nighttime periods when most people are not using electricity. One way to lower bills is to schedule the use of appliances during off-peak hours. This might mean waiting until just before bed to do laundry or running dishwashers first thing in the morning. These are also better times to charge devices or portable tools.

3. Smart Home Systems

A smart home automation system can have a dramatic impact on power bills. A Huntsville home automation system allows homeowners to control outlets, appliances and fixtures in the house. With a Vivint home security system, homeowners also have access to programmable timers. This makes it possible to turn lights, air conditioners and appliances on and off at different points automatically. This reduces waste and lowers energy costs every day. It also makes turning lights off at night as simple as pressing a few buttons on a control center or app.

4. Landscape the Property

Landscaping can reduce energy bills in two ways. Planting trees that grow and provide shade will stop the sun from hitting the home and the windows. This prevents radiant heat from making the interior hotter. Tall shrubs near windows will stop cold winds from creating drafts. Another way landscaping helps is by making air conditioners more efficient. Pruning back plantings near the air conditioner will prevent blockages that reduce airflow and cause the system use more energy.

Saving money on power bills also involves making responsible decisions about using electricity. Large appliances should be run as little as possible. Unused electronics should be unplugged. Fans should be used whenever possible instead of air conditioners. These steps will help to lower electricity bills.

Madyson Grant

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