Tips for Forex Newbies

forex_newbiesIt’s easy to think that everyone else on the wealth train is doing better than you are – the grass, as they say, is always greener. Especially when you’re first starting out and the world of finance and wealth-building is a mysterious one filled with jargon and references about chances taken and rewards gained. The urge to be impatient and dive in without doing the proper research or without a full understanding of the tools you’re using can be overpowering, and plenty of beginners in the Forex world have made huge mistakes in the early going – mistakes that can be very educational but not painful. If you’re thinking of getting into the money markets, there are a few simple pieces of advice you won’t hear from everyone, but which can save you no end of trouble – and save you no end of money.

Remember it’s Global

One of the biggest mistakes the inexperienced money market trader makes is to forget that it is a global market – there isn’t a single unified market, but rather many interlinked markets that affect each other but operate more or less independently. This means that even huge catastrophes in certain areas of the world don’t necessarily mean the entire portfolio will be affected. Just as in other types of investments, diversification will help insulate you from trouble. It’s also important to remember that this also means that a sinking currency in one area of the world doesn’t necessarily mean you should panic and make drastic moves – sitting tight is usually a better idea.

Bots Aren’t for Buyers

There are a lot of automated tools out there, but these bots and scripts don’t have the flexibility that would serve the interests of a buyer. Sellers can do well using automated bots, however, and as a result a lot of misinformation is put out there in the form of success stories using bots – but these success stories are almost always from the point of view of a seller, not a buyer. Be aware of the difference and avoid hanging your hopes on an automated tool that proposes to make you money without any effort or direction on your part.

You’re Not a Genius

Well, maybe you are a genius, of course. It’s possible. But you’re not going to re-invent the Forex wheel any time soon. If you think you have some innovative new way to handle the money markets, take a step back and a deep breath. If someone else tries to sell you an innovative idea for the money markets that no one else has ever thought of – be wary.

International companies have been tracking and calculating risk on money markets for decades. The chances that you’ve seen something they’ve missed are low. Stick with the slow and proven ways, at least at first.

We all know there isn’t enough time and you need to start growing your wealth now, not later. But the world is littered with people who have crashed and burned due to simple impatience and a resistance to the simple advice that always wins the day: Stay steady, keep your ears open, and learn as much as you can before you start risking your money. The money markets are no different in this regard.


Anahit Stepanyan

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