Technology Trends That Will Benefit Small Business in 2014

technology_trendsWith technology, it is possible for a business owner to improve a company and make more money. In fact, over the years, people have come to rely on it more and more. This is not bad in itself. But, a smart entrepreneur should follow the trends and understand what will work in the future. Here are seven technology trends that will benefit small businesses in 2014.

Property search:

In the past, one would have to find a local realtor to find a place to rent. Now, with a website, one can find for instance, retail space for lease in Houston without much work. This is great as a consumer can save money and find the best place for his or her business.

Mobile apps:

Every company should have a phone app. With this, one can reach out to millions of optional clients. If one does not have an app, they risk missing out on new customers.

The cloud:

With the cloud, an organization can store important items. This allows people to access the files from anywhere in the world. With this advantage, one can work from anywhere and access important information on the go.


With VoIP, a company can save on local and long distance calls. Not only that, it can save money on a toll-free number. This will only continue to grow as people love the option to use any carrier they desire.


In the past, one did not have many Web hosting options. This is not the case anymore, and one can now host their site on the cloud. Other times, one can use a dedicated server. Simply put, when using a quality and reliable Web host, one can see their pages load quickly and without throwing up any errors.


With open source software, one can run their business without spending too much money on programs. In fact, open source programs are usually free and work just as well as the paid versions. For this reason, a business owner looking to save money should consider using a Linux operation system.

Translation software and websites:

Now, with the world the way it is, one should have a website in multiple languages. Fortunately, with translation software, one can automate the process and make their website in multiple languages. This will only grow in importance and a smart entrepreneur should try to stay ahead of the game by doing this now.

With these seven technology trends, one can run their companies with greater efficiency.

Hayley Granton