A Single Letter and Great Financial Losses

Mistakes are common to any sphere and all human beings, and it would be unnatural to come across any person who does everything perfectly. However, if we deal with such mistakes which have disastrous consequences then the situation becomes more than serious.

Nowadays in spite of the fact that there are special programs installed in each computer that check the spelling and grammar system of language, spelling mistakes are anyhow likely to be made.
So, spelling mistakes in such articles which are to be published can cause not only confusion but also lead financial losses. The below mentioned examples will prove what is said.

  • Ø Such a disastrous spelling mistake was made in 2008
    when 1.5 million Chilean coins were spread with the South American country’s name spelled with mistakes.

Pedro Urzua Lizana, the engraver, misspelled Chile as [Chiie], and the mistake was not corrected until it was reported by a coin collector. By that time, 1.5 million coins had already been distributed to the public. Because of such a misspelling the country underwent great embarrassment, and several Chilean mint employees lost their jobs.

  • Ø Another such an embarrassing error took place during an election. In Oneida County, N.Y. on the voter ballots the name of the president Barack Obama was printed with mistakes.  The letter “c” was omitted from the president’s first name. This error cost the county more than $75,000.

The mistake was discovered by the county executives simply a few working days before the Election Day. The mistake was corrected but as the misspelled variant had already been printed the correct one should be printed. And for realizing this reprint the county was responsible for paying.

Thus it became obvious that the misspelling of a single letter can cause a country great financial losses.

George S.

George puts a great emphasis on his writing style, aiming for precision, clarity, and a lush, descriptive voice. It was deceptively simple at times, but his word choices were often effective and impressive in their effortlessness. He is a happy go lucky person despite being very serious while working.

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