Five Signs Your Business May Be Vulnerable To Theft

Running a business is hard enough on its own,  you should  take care about theft from customers, employees, or anyone else. If you find yourself constantly stressed out about break-ins and robberies, you probably don’t have the right precautionary measures in place to prevent it. Here are some important things your business might have and how you can eliminate them.

No alarm system

securityThe first line of defense against a break-in is a good security system that sounds off as soon as doors or windows are breached. If you don’t have one installed in your place of business, strongly consider getting one as soon as possible. The alarm scares intruders away, and the system may automatically notify the local authorities as well.

No cameras

You might be convinced that people are stealing from your store or office, but without evidence, nobody can help you. Install video cameras at strategic points throughout the shop to catch robbers doing what they do best.

No additional barriers

If you think that locked doors are secure enough, think again. Experienced thieves have access to equipment that could snap most standard door locks like toothpicks. Shield your business by installing Plexiglass windows, cage bars, metal shutters, tall fencing, additional locks, heavy-duty steel doors, and more.

No security guard presence

If your storefront is located in a high-risk area, it would be wise to hire some security personnel. Just the presence of a uniformed officer can break the spirits of most thieves, and armed guards can put much more fear into the bad guys. Guards will also be able to help out in many different ways if things go wrong because they’re trained to keep calm, think rationally and quickly, contact the appropriate emergency respondent, provide first aid care, and even defend lives using force. Click here to learn more about the benefits of security guards. A Denver security company can help you determine what would be best for your business.

Not enough lighting

Most thieves are present during the night because it’s hard to catch them when you can barely see them. A well-lit business is a safer business. Many crooks don’t want to mess around when they know that there are people nearby, and lights are a strong indicator of the presence of others. If your business is poorly-lit, install more lighting to keep robbers away.

For most owners, the business is a means of survival. If you don’t do everything in your power to defend your property, your employees, and your own safety, it would cost you much in the end. Step up your security game by following these simple tips.

Anita Ginsburg