Reduce your debt burden – The right strategy holds the key

Now that you’re in debt, there’s really no point banging your head about it right? Your focus should completely be on reducing your debt load and ultimately get rid of it. It’s not easy to reduce debt as much as it is to get into it. However, at the same time it’s not impossible either. There are some effective debt reduction strategies which you could put to use and actually see your debt reducing. The idea is to start now.

7-27-grayGo for the right debt reduction strategy

Yes, there are quite a few debt reduction strategies available, but most make the mistake of choosing the wrong one and this actually leads to further trouble. Understand this for a fact that choosing the right debt reduction strategy holds the key.

1. Budgeting: This is one of the basic methods you can adopt and it requires stringent discipline on your part. If you’re one who can exercise superior self-control over yourself, then budgeting could actually work wonders for you. You should then be able to cut ends and save that money for the purpose of debt payments. Curbing the urge to spend is the key here and debt payoff the sole motivation.

2. Debt snowball: This is one of those debt reduction strategies that allows you to reduce your debt by tackling the small balances first. You should take care to list all your debts in ascending order along with the interest rates associated with each. Debt snowball is a method that essentially aims towards the concept of small debts being paid off faster. This would work best if you haven’t got too many high interest debts involved.

3. Debt avalanche: This is actually a process that’s based on the opposite concept of the snowball method. Here you’d start off with the debt that has the highest rates of interest involved. This is a great way to better your financial position for you’d then be doing away with the most damaging debt first. Choose this strategy if you’re a numbers cruncher and happen to be disciplined enough to stick to your plan no matter what.

4. Debt snowflake: Finally this is another of the debt reduction strategies that could be of real help provided you’re sincerely aiming towards debt reduction. Herein the idea remains to chip or flake off a considerable portion of a particular debt amount so that you’re left lighter. If you manage to get a lump sum amount or perhaps generate some considerable amount of extra income, then use this to make a major payment on a particular outstanding debt.

Follow the above steps and reduce your debt as soon as possible. If you do things right, then very soon you could be debt free too!


This article has been written by Stacy Becker who’s a known financial expert and is associated with quite a few reputed financial websites. She mostly writes on debt related topics and where some of her articles were considered as featured ones.

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