Forex and CFD Trading Platform NetTradeX

AdvNetNetTradeX is a CFD and Online Currency Trading platform that helps  to make trading operations in Forex Markets. NetTradeX owns trading platforms for Windows and for mobile.  You can find more information about NetTradeX trading platforms for mobile in my future posts.

In this post I will speak about NetTtradex Trading Platform for Windows and about NetTradeX Advisors.

NetTradeX Trading Platform for Windows (v2.5.1)

NetTradeX Trading Platform for Windows (version 2.5.1) offers more than 40 currency pairs and more than 100 Index, Equity and Connodity CFDs for trading. This  trading platform has a complete set of features for Forex Trading and for Forex technical analysis. NetTradeX trading platform allows the trader to place Trailing-Stop order with server-side execution and allows to use trading orders – Pending, OCO, Activated, Stop Loss, Take Profit.

It is worth mentioning the advantages of the platform. These are:

  • Trading in all major financial markets
  • Balance and lock trading
  • Opening positions of any volume
  • Instant execution of deals
  • Server-based execution of Trailing Stop order
  • Built-in language NTL+ for automated trading
  • Unique portfolio trading (GeWorko Method)
  • Opportunity to create personal trading instruments
 NetTradeX Advisors

NetTradeX is a software product considered to be complementary the main NetTradeX Trade Platform. The benefit is that users can operate only on the terminal NetTradeX Advisors or simultaneously on both terminals – primary and secondary.

NetTradeX Advisors employs the same data for user authorization as those of Trading Platform, that is as you login you need to insert the following info – login (the one of your NetTradeX account), password – again your NetTradeX account password and Type (Demo/Real).







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