Myths and Facts about Private Health Insurance

When people hear the term ‘private health insurance’, they come up with synonyms such as expensive, complicated, unnecessary and alike. There are a number of misconceptions about private health insurance, so reconsidering the real facts about this type of policy might be a good idea, before you say ‘No’ to it. This article will clear up common misconceptions about private health insurance so that you can decide whether or not this kind of insurance is right for you.

 nursing-school-financingMyth 1. Private health insurance is expensive

A large number of people are not interested in getting private medical insurance plans because they believe that getting one will cost them a great deal of money. This is a common misconception. With medical insurance, your monthly premiums will affect your level of cover. There are many ways you can save cash on your medical insurance policy without having to sacrifice your policy. One way you can reduce your premiums is by increasing your excess.  

Myth 2. Private health insurance is unnecessary

 Let me quote Franz Kafka for this one. He wrote: “Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have”. This should apply to everybody who thinks that medical insurance is a waste of time and resources. Some people think that because they have Medicare, they don’t need private health insurance. Of course it is true that if you fall sick, you are entitled to treatment on Medicare. However, Medicare won’t treat you on time. With a private medical insurance, you will receive treatment on time.

Myth 3.There is no freedom to choose your hospital or doctor

 Private health insurance gives you the freedom to pick your own physician, hospital, as well as the day of appointment. You also will have privacy whilst you are in the hospital and things to make you feel more comfortable, such as television set, access to a mobile phone – to name but a few.

Myth 4. Private health insurance does not cover non-related conditions

Many insurance companies don’t cover pre-existing illnesses. Nonetheless, you can buy a Private medical insurance policy that covers non-related illnesses. However, this is a bit intricate and it is advisable to speak to the insurance broker before you buy it so you can be certain that you are covered for other disease and any future claim won’t be turned down. Most employer private medical plans don’t require one to disclose his or her pre-existing ailment, so if you join the new company it’s worth to check out their medical insurance provision. You may find you’re covered irrespective of your pre-existing condition.

Myth 5. Its payment plan is not flexible

Private medical insurance offer you with the option to choose your own payment plan in order to meet your financial situation. It is tailored for individuals, families, couples and people over 50. They provide a broad range of payment options so there’s a choice for everybody. Comparing their costs will help you choose a plan that fits you and your needs.

Myth 6.It will be hard to make the claim

Making a private medical insurance claim is simpler than you may think. It takes only a few easy steps to arrange your healthcare. For your claim to be eligible it must start with the referral by a general practitioner to a doctor. At this point you should check with your policy provider that your condition is covered by your policy, and if it’s covered, you have to get a claim form. Both specialist and the GP must fill in and sign the form. Your policy provider will then tell you how much of the treatment cost the policy will meet. Also your insurer will tell you whether it will cover the entire medical bill or you will be required to pay them and then claim your cash back later.

Myth 7. There is no freedom to choose the services

This is not true because policy holders have the freedom to choose a range of services they offer. There are many services that you can pick from without straining financially. Also, they provide extra services for certain packages. If you’re on a tight budget, they will offer you a plan that best suit your budget and needs. You have the freedom to decide what you wish to include in your plan and what you don’t.

 Private medical insurance is not expensive, complex and it is not unnecessary. It is actually very affordable, straightforward and customizable.