New Mobile Trading Platform NetTradeX 1.5.7 is Launched

NetTradeX Mobile 1.5.7 Trading PlatformInfinMarkets Ltd
, one of the leading Forex Service providers, is glad to announce that a new mobile trading platform NetTradeX 1.5.7 has been launched.  The latest mobile terminal is highly functional, professional, unique, user-friendly and convenient trading platform for Forex traders, both professionals and newcomers.

The mobile NetTradeX platform provides a wide range of services for traders, such as:

  • Fast set up of Real and Demo accounts,
  • Easy opening and closing of trading positions,
  • Creating, placing and removing orders and verity of alerts,
  • Keeping Orders’ and trading history,
  • Monitoring of a price change per trading instrument in the Market Watch,
  • Monitoring of changes in the trading account in the Margin Analysis,
  • Display of charts, indicators and graphical objects,
  • Withdrawal of funds,
  • Various interface settings.
  • Provides up to date quotes on Forex
  • Technical analysis of chart and financial news

The latest version of the NetTradeX Mobile 1.5.7 trading platform offers new possibilities:

  • Price displaying mode changed for some windows
  • Price deviation range increased. Optional values available.
  • Default price deviation increased to 5 pips.
  • Default trailing stop distance value increased in 10 times.
  • A unique possibility to trend with new currency pairs like: USDIDX, XAUXAG, XAUOIL, XAUSnP, XAGEUR, XAUEUR, XPDUSD, XPTUSD. These brand new trading instruments offer large opportunities for trading and strategies construction having absolutely different underlying characteristics due to the nature of individual assets.
  • Faults fixed.

The customer support of InfinMarkets Ltd is likely to be one of the highly qualified among other Forex brokerage company worldwide level.

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