How to Manage Your Money


Being a very important aspect and part of your life money requires special caring and managing. It’s quite essential for you to estimate your income and expenses correctly. You should be well aware of money management skills as the sooner and better you develop these skills the less likely you will be forced to bear financial burdens.

Developing money management technique is similar to systematically following discipline or some necessary steps. Some basic steps of right management are: establish yourself financially; understand your income, save money and start budgeting.

Now we can analyze the phenomenon in a more detailed and illustrating way.

1. Establish a budget

It’s very helpful and real to manage your money if you have an established budget. Your spending if based on your budget and is well managed will cause financial disorders. This is important not only for personal finance but also for family and business. Remember that everything should be budgeted; you should firstly think about your budget whether it refers to the utilities or groceries, it doesn’t matter.

Whenever you do not put a goal on your money the latter will be spent recklessly. This means that you should control each penny and moreover, create separate funds for specific goals. You can have savings account in which you can include emergency, vacation funds, etc. It already depends on your financial responsibilities how much each fund would contain.

2. Use credit cards in a right way.

You should know that you need credit cards for the benefit and not for driving into debt. And as to escape further problems you should understand how they work and how they can be useful.

Now you will ask “and when are they useful?” They can bring positive effect while being used to make monthly purchases or payments to avoid finance and interest fees.

Do not forget that your monthly purchases with credit card are involved in the established budget and that at the end of the month you will have an opportunity to pay the whole amount off in cash. In case you can’t afford this you had better not get a credit card.

3. Get rid of the financial burden with your helpmate.

It’s not only advisable but also necessary to discuss and solve all the financial problems with your helpmate. Discussing the purchases together is an efficient way to establish a budget on which you both agree. This is helpful for both of you to work within the boundaries of whatever requirements you have already established.


To sum up we can say that money management is really a great way to save money and spend it correctly. We should appreciate each penny as this is truly the only way to reach our goal.

Ani Stepanyan

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