Latest Trading Method in Financial Market

Two famgeWorko-methodous financial companies which have a high reputation in financial market have given birth to a new method of trading. The company NetTradeX with the support of Forex brokerage company IFC Markets has developed a revolutionary method of portfolio analysis and trading known as GeWorko Method.

The emergence of GeWorko Method arouses great interest among people and especially among those who are engaged in financial activities.  This method is an innovative approach to the research and analysis of financial markets.


It is a new method of market analysis through which it’s possible not only to create asset portfolios from diverse financial instruments available on the platform but also determine the price of one portfolio relative to the price of another, thus creating a new and unique composite instrument (PCI).

The ideology of GeWorko Method is based on the concept of B/Q relation, as accepted in foreign exchange market, where the asset B (the base) is traded against the asset Q (the quoted). Hence, it becomes possible to form both a very simply structured composite instrument, when each portfolio consists of one asset and a very complex one with a wide range of assets in each portfolio.

Its main and basic privilege is that it gives a unique chance to create portfolios from a variety of financial assets and reflect the value of one portfolio relative to another in a historical retrospective. The prices of all assets are automatically calculated in US dollar (if they are expressed in another currency), which allows to correctly compare both portfolios with each other. Investors are provided by the freedom of creating portfolios determining the weights and number of assets included in them.

It’s very important for both investors and traders to have a great number of trading instruments at their disposal. GeWorko Method now allows traders to considerably expand the range of trading instruments, creating other, absolutely new trading assets and even creating portfolios of assets from already existing list of trading instruments.

GeWorko method quickly converts two baskets of assets into an independent trading instrument with its own price and history, and as there are an infinite number of such baskets, the great number of trading instruments and opportunities become available.

As it is mentioned by financial experts the application of GeWorko Method helps not only to evaluate its efficiency in the past and apply various tools of technical analysis but also to transfer the idea into trading analytical system. It represents a unique chance for traders to avoid limitations in the number of available financial assets by creating their own product which has its own price history and is ready to conduct a large-scale analysis.

Research shows that GeWorko Method can be extremely useful for a wide variety of investment strategies. Whatever the chosen trading strategy is,  GeWorko Method can be useful not only for traders. It opens wide horizons for analysts, economists and portfolio managers for understanding and analyzing interrelations between separate assets and their combinations.

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