The Latest Price Movements

"The Latest Price Movements"Yen falls vs dollar
Euro climbs to seven-week high vs dollar

Yesterday, April 16, the yen decreased against the dollar and the euro. The euro increased against the dollar, partly helped by its 2 % jump against the yen.

The euro rose by 1.1% reaching $1.3184. Since February by breaking resistance around $1.3140 it has reached the peak of $1.3201.

The Australian dollar rose by 0.75% to $1.0389, while the New Zealand dollar rose 1%to $0.8497.

Yesterday Gold has slumped by 27% to $1,387.40. Its dive has come days before international finance ministers and central bankers meet in Washington to discuss signs of slowing in the world economy.

Monday’s explosions in Boston created a nervous situation in financial markets. On Monday afternoon at the finish line of the Boston Marathon two bombs passed through the crowd. Three people were killed and more than 100 were injured. President Barack Obama yesterday called the bombings “act of terror.”

However after the stabilizing of gold price investors concluded that the bombings may have been an incident; they started buying higher-risk assets and selling the yen.

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