Keeping An Ear To The Ground: 5 Free Ways To Keep Up With The Market

Investing in the stock market can be a frustrating and expensive endeavor if you do no keep up on information in the industries and companies that you are invested in as well as the stock market at large. Access to the information that can affect stock prices as well as the overall estimation of future viability for companies is important to stock investors, as well as the need for this information to be public information. Basing a stock buying or selling maneuver based on information that is not available to the general stock trading public is called insider trading, and is not only unethical, but illegal.



So where does all this valuable stock information exist and how do you access it? Here are the top five ways to keep up on the latest news and financial trends in the markets.


1. Online Stock Broker Agencies


Online brokerages are a great solution if you already have a standard portfolio that you wish to track or want information on other stocks via live research tools. Traditional stock brokers tended to be more salesperson than analyst. The reverse is often true of many of the online trading platforms. The many tools they offer to research and manipulate data can be immense.


2. News And Search Engine Sites


News sites are a decent source of standard financial data that are updated on a frequent basis. Much of the standard information, based upon which most people make public trading decisions, is always available in your browser.


3. Newsletters


Stock market newsletters are one of the best ways to keep up on the general market or specific industries. They are usually concise and helpful. Because they are released on a sane schedule, they generally won’t keep you obsessed with refreshing your screen like a hedger with too much caffeine in their system.


4. Your Smart Phone


If you have a need for investment tools or advice and an iPhone or other smartphone device, there are thousand of apps available. Some are more useful than others, and privacy policies vary, so review each one before you decide to install it on your phone.


5. Public Company Content  And Press Releases


Signing up for company blog RSS feeds and Press release information can tell you about the direction these entities are taking. If you have money in a company, shouldn’t you know what they are telling the world?


Trying to keep up with the information that changes the financial world is always a lofty goal, but with these five options in your arsenal, you could be ahead of most.

Rianne Hunter