Right Things to Invest In For 2014

where_to_invest (1)With stock prices on the rise but the rest of the economy so uncertain, 2014 is going to be a critical year for investors. Of course, with everything in the markets changing so fast, it’s difficult to know what actually to invest in. If you’re looking for good places to get advice, try these resources.


Yes, we know a lot of fuss has been in the media about papers going out of business, but they’re still one of the best places to learn about local business opportunities and read commentary by market experts. Furthermore, reading the paper (or even subscribing to their online version) will give you a good overview of events that can affect your daily life and your existing investments. Look here for advice and information on buy and hold investments.

Financial Websites

Most investors will need to know how stocks and market funds are doing from day to day and in some cases even hour to hour. Bookmark a few websites that provide updated stock quotes and good commentary from financial advisers and planners. Luckily, there are a number of free online resources available, and many of them allow you to create an account and customize it so that you’ll only see the companies and funds you’re interested in. Just take the time to look at who sponsors the site so you know where the advice is coming from.


There are a number of apps that will help you with investing. Some, such as Money and Markets, will offer recommendations of what to buy and sell along with current financial news. Others will provide up to date stock quotes, while others can help with personal financial issues such as budgeting and paying off debt. Apps are great because they allow you to get information no matter where you are.

Friends and Family

It may be old-fashioned, but your social networks can be a good place to find out about new opportunities and get good advice. Of course, be careful that you listen to your uncle the retired stock broker more than your cousin who always seems to be looking for starting capital for his or her “next big project”.

This year has already been predicted to have some of the highest rises and falls that the market has seen in years. Make sure you have up to date information before making an investment decisions.