How to integrate IT and Business in your company

IT and business are two important parts of a company. A number of companies have them work in silos, yet they should work together to accomplish the same thing, which is to reach the goals and objectives of the firm. It is understandable that they are departments with very a different nature in their process and working demand. However, trying to find a way to integrate them and have them work together is an important step into having a more efficient strategy. Below are some steps you can take to get started.


  • Everything begins by satisfying customers’ needs:
    This is the basis of any organization, company or entity and should always be the start of any decision. Many companies have achieved great success in always starting from customer satisfaction and making customer’s experience better. How many times have you heard about, or experienced bad customer service yourself. That is why having the best contact center solutions, and always being there for your customers is essential. Any company should understand customers’ needs but also have a platform for them to voice their complaints and interact with you easily. It cannot be stressed enough; developing Business Information systems to make customers’ lives better is a vital strategy.


  • What about your personnel?
    Companies need to understand that the business side and IT side of a company go hand in hand. Alienating these two departments from each other will result in inefficiencies for a given company or organization. It is necessary that these two departments work together. Business people know what objectives the company is focusing on in the mission and vision statement. The business side also knows what needs should be prioritized, in other words they understand the foundations of the business why it exists. On the other hand IT people have the technical skills in making process easier through the use of technology. The IT department can create and then implement applications and other software to meet those corporate objectives. Therefore, spend time in the hiring process to find the best people that fit your culture and your needs. Also, hiring staff members that have both skills will help integrating better, as they have a solid understanding and experience of how the two departments work. Thus, know how to speed up the process.


  • React to change in the environment to have a competitive advantage:
    This is also an important business strategy. Having the ability to react, or be proactive to changes in your company’s industry niche is important to sustain a business. Most importantly, having the ability of anticipating the future and making a quick but appropriate move is important.  Does the law who passed recently affect you directly or indirectly? Is there a shift in recent report on consumer consumptions? What about the current economic and technology news? Find out what the trends are in our industry, how your competitors are reacting to those and how you can make wiser decisions. And just a takeaway to consider: had Blockbuster or Borders reacted more actively in the trends of everything going digital, would they still be in business.

Andy Ratolojanahary