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Infopath-logoMicrosoft Office InfoPath is a software package that allows the user to design, distribute, fill and submit electronic forms. The forms created can be distributed to both internal and external websites. The forms can then be filled out using either InfoPath or a web browser such as Safari, Firefox or Windows.
The forms produced on the software are known as compatible form templates, users are able to open these forms and edit then in InfoPath if they already have it installed on their computers. Users can however also gain access to servers that run InfoPath. This allows them to create one template that can be used by two kinds of users. The first option is for those who have InfoPath whereas the second is for those who do not.
It is beneficial to have InfoPath, users who do are able to gain access to the full range of features present for filling out the forms.
The single browser compatible form can be created for use on InfoPath, a web browser and even a mobile. The process is good as it saves both time and money whilst giving three types of user access to the template.
InfoPath Forms has a number of different features including…

•Rules – these allow the uses to apply certain actions that are activated through button clicks and value changes. The user is able to show messages, open and close forms, change the view of a form, question databases and change the value of fields in the data source.

•User Roles – this allows the user to use conditional formatting to modify the user’s experience.

•Conditional Formatting – this feature allows the user to change the look of objects or how visible they are in the form depending on their values.

•Data Validation – this feature is used to test the strength of input in the fields. This is achieved by comparing the input to patterns and by making sure that the correct data type is present.
There are of course many other features involved with the software to make it as efficient and user friendly as possible. Most users of InfoPath use it to integrate with Microsoft Share Point. This is a platform that is used mostly for content management and document management.
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