Hottest Places for Reality Investors

Best-Place-to-Invest-in-Real-Estate-Best-Place-to-Invest-in-Real-Estate-Guide-300x206With the real estate industry going places, no town or city has been left untouched by the rampant wave of real estate. Some have been goldmines while others are keeping up with the pace, the basic difference being, a healthy infrastructure, proposed investments, employment opportunities and a proactive government. The places which are booming in real estate or have bright future prospects are the ones where development is being expected in a big way. Cities that have been jackpots for the reality industry have almost worn out now as their marginal utilities have diminished. There are many new promising reality investment destinations in India, where investments made now are expected to yield high returns in the near future.

Investors are always on the lookout for places where they can lay hands on cheap property which has bright future prospects. This ensures higher levels of profits as the relative profitability is high. Some of the promising reality investment destinations in India at the present are

  • Vadodara – One of the hottest destinations for real estate investments, Vadodara is one of the most prominent cities of the state of Gujarat. High class infrastructure, both present and future projects, great connectivity with the state capital of Ahmedabad and Mumbai are prime reasons why investment in Vadodara will bring high returns in the future.
  • Indore – The largest city of the central state of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is the industrial as well as commercial hub of central India. With great steel and automobile industry and superb educational establishments, Indore has bright future prospects.
  • Rewari – The industrial city of Rewari in Haryana is one of the most underplayed cities with bright future prospects. Already a great industrial hub, Rewari is destined to be the integrated rail junction for freight as it falls on the freight corridor uptill Mumbai. The best bet here is to buy commercial property in form of godowns which will be in high demand once the freight corridor becomes fully functional. Its close proximity to the NCR is an added addition to its feathers.
  • Kochi – This south Indian city has been the world capital of pepper, the spice known as black gold. With loads of NRI money being pumped into the economy, Kochi is one destination expected to grow at the rapid rate it has been growing till now.
  • Coimbatore – Industrial hub of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is second only to the capital city of Chennai in industrial development. With almost 5 SEZ’s coming up in the proximity, Coimbatore, with its cheap land is proposed to be another hot destination for parking money in real estate. With nearby Tirupur contributing India’s 75% of the textile production, and future industrial plans ripe for the industrial corridor till Erode, Coimbatore is expected to generate huge employment opportunities in the coming years. A definite yes to investments in real estate here.
  • Patna – The state capital of Bihar has been under the shroud for ages as being one of the most notorious state capitals. But since the last 5 years it has witnessed a turnaround. The state government has taken drastic measures to curb crime and development in infrastructure is for all to see. Almost all retail brands have made a bee line for Patna which is part of the most mineral rich state in India. With great developments and a pro active government, Patna is the next hottest thing in real estate market as prices have already started to rise.
  • Goa – The picturesque state of Goa is still running high on the investment list. The main reason being its high tourism potential which has jacked up the rental prices of properties in Goa. It is a great place to invest as the property gets very high rental returns.

Investing in any one of these promising real estate destinations can assure high returns in the near future.

Rashmi Karan is a professional content writer who offers genuine and accurate information about the current real estate trends regarding purchase and sale of both residential and commercial properties across nation.

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