New Golden Instruments for Successful Forex Trading

New Golden Instruments for Successful Forex TradingAs we all know the Forex market is a foreign exchange market where the traders exchange one currency for another, it occurs every day worldwide. This Global Forex market includes many opportunities for successful trading: currency trading, commodity trading (gold, silver, oil, gas), CFD etc.

The most popular traded instruments in Forex market amongst the currency pairs are:

  • EUR/USD ( Euro)
  • GBP/USD (Pound)
  • USD/CAD (Canadian dollar)
  • USD/JPY (Japanese Yen)
  • USD/CHF(Swiss franc)
  • AUD/USD (Aussie)

Investing in Forex market with financial tools such as XAUUSD (gold against the American dollar) or XAUEUR (gold against Euro) can secure the GOLD reserve of trader’s funds. Traditionally, gold is not only as a precious metal but also as an advantageous Forex instrument. Gold has always been demanded, that’s why investing  “golden instruments” like XAUUSD and XAUEUR, surely will be profitable and reliable trade. It is the same thing as when a trader makes an investment of Gold.

IFCMarkets, one of the leading Forex brokerage companies, is glad to announce that several new trading instruments are available for trading on both demo and real accounts in the trading platforms NetTradeX and MetaTrader 4. They have increased the number of spot metals and CFDs on indices and added a brand new group called “Golden Instruments”.

New trading instruments in Spot Metals:

  • XAUEUR – Gold quoted in euros;
  • XAGEUR – Silver quoted in euros;
  • XPTUSD – Platinum;
  • XPDUSD – Palladium.

New CFDs on Indices:

  • USDIDX – US dollar index.

Brand new group “Golden Instruments”:

  • XAUXAG – Gold against Silver;
  • XAUOIL – Gold against Oil;
  • XAUSnP – Gold against S&P 500 stock index.

Besides being the largest market in the world, Forex market is also the most liquid one, unlike other markets. Enjoy growing opportunities for trading and market analysis with IFCMarkets!

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