How to finance an apartment investment?

In the current choppy economy of the world, the best way to keep you on the safer side is to finance an apartment as an investment. The revenues generated from the rents may prove to finance you in a much credible way than any investment in the stock market. Perhaps the best part about financing an investment apartment is the fact that you actually end up owning a tangible property and it generates monthly income for you via rents.

According to the search trends of various property websites like Bayut, it has been seen that many people are financing residential apartments as an investment and perhaps the hottest market is the Dubai real estate. So, if you want to finance a property in Dubai Marina, for example, the following are some of the methods you can apply to make it a successful investment for your future.

Small Private Equity Firms

The small private equity firms usually prove to be one of the best sources for financing your apartment investments. It all depends on the nature of your investment that actually lands you on great deals with the private equity firms. Most equity firms will only consider funding your project if it is of a considerably high value for example somewhere near $65 million or higher.

So what if you want to do investment in a smaller project? For this you need to be constantly on the lookout for small private equity firms as they will be more than willing to finance your project. Although such firms are hard to find but if you are a regular skimmer of private equity magazines, trade associations and related blogs, you might find yourself sealing a great deal for your future.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures are also among the best methods for financing apartment deals or any commercial real estate according to your preference. Preferably, one of the best methods for finding your venture partners is to seek out finance companies that not only offer traditional finance mortgages but also adequate joint venture with real estate investors on projects that actually make sense.

A great method to find such companies is to utilise some leading finance magazines and search for lenders offering joint ventures. Gather information on your shortlisted companies and see which one would be most feasible for you. Next step involves contacting them and bringing about some money on the table and signing a commitment with them. It is a kind of a binding you will be imposing on yourself but what it’s worth, you will end up having a potential source for your commercial real estate deals.

Private Real Estate Investment Firms:

Private real estate firm could be termed as a comprehensive term for any company or an individual that invests in a commercial real estate. Such companies might be traditional development companies or simply a group of private investors who have excessive money in their pockets which enables them to invest in real estate. You can find such companies by a simple random search on Google and contact them to find their criteria regarding the real estates they are interested in and you can successfully seal a joint venture deal with them.

Adopting these methods you can successfully finance a property investment and pave your path towards a better future securing your money in a safer and productive way.

Shehryar Qureshi

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