Drowning In Debt? 5 Lifesavers To Pull You Out Of The Deep End

If you look at your dwindling checking account and swelling credit card bills, it is time to stop spending and start analyzing your expenditures. Many people become overwhelmed with debt at times, such as from a huge medical bill, but normal expenses should be manageable. Five lifesaving tips can help you survive the deep end of debt accrual.

 DrowningInDebtSpend Less Than You Make


Simple math helps you control your expenses. If your income is $1,000 each month, the expenses should not exceed this amount. To reduce your expenditures, create a budget and note each purchased item. Eating at restaurants three times a week can be quickly cut and replaced with homemade meals, for example, to reduce expenditures. A brand new car has a high insurance rate and matching finance payment. Trade the new car in and take the bus or buy a used vehicle. If you own your home, ask your bank about refinancing options. Reducing your monthly mortgage helps your budget considerably.


Use A Payday Advance Strategically

Power Finance Texas, for example, offers payday loans to help you pay immediate bills. Payoff a bill that may accrue late fees or excessive interest first to reduce expenditures. Return the payday loan’s balance quickly to avoid any more interest fees that can hurt your limited budget.


Try A Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan, or DMP, involves a financial expert that can reduce your credit card bill balances and interest with negotiating phone calls. Essentially, the DMP adviser consolidates all the bills into one, low monthly payment for a reduced period, such as three or five years. All the credit cards are closed at that point to impede any more debt accrual.



You may not be able to control accruing debt even with a payday advance. In San Antonio, for example, personal bankruptcy hurts your credit for several years, but it also gives you a fresh start on your finances. All debts are discharged. You do not need excessive credit if you are reducing debt, so your low credit score is not your top priority. Bankruptcy can be a relief if budgeting is not solving all your debt problems.


Increase Income Creatively

Try some innovative ways to increase income. Take a part time job, including delivering pizzas or newspapers. Babysitting helps your income and local friends when they need a break from parenting. Have a garage sale to reduce clutter and increase funds into your checking account.


Drowning in debt has several solutions. Evaluate your budget and make changes today to reduce your stress and increase your personal happiness.

Brionna Kennedy