Corporate Responsibility: Four Tactics to Reach Recycling Goals

Corporate responsibility runs the gamut from having a green work environment to giving back to the community. But when it comes to recycling, it’s often difficult to find ways to reach your recycling goals. Ensuring that your company is being responsible and doing its part to help the environment is essential, but it takes everyone’s efforts to achieve success. So how can you motivate your employees, stay green, and meet your recycling goals? Below are a few ideas that can help your company stay green.

RecyclingPersonal Recycling Cans

Every cubicle in your office likely has a trash can, but does it have a recycling can? Providing employees with a recycling can next to their desk makes recycling as easy as throwing something away, which will encourage them to actually recycle. Recycling cans are no more expensive than a trash can, and are usually blue with a white recycling logo, making it easy to determine in which bin the bottles, cans, and other recyclables should be placed.

Incentive Programs


Set a goal of how much your company would like to recycle per month, and let the whole company know about it. Utilize a whiteboard or a similar device to track your company’s progress. Whether it’s pounds of recycled material, number of items, number of bins, or another measurable goal, be sure that everyone can see the progress. Let the company know that hitting these goals is a team effort, and reward them if the goals are reached by bringing in a treat. The reward doesn’t have to be much; any reward will likely motivate employees to remember to use their recycling can.

Purchase Recycled Supplies


One way you can contribute to the recycling effort is to purchase supplies made with recyclable materials. Many paper products, such as computer paper and notepads, are made with recycled material. Not only does this help the planet, but it sends a message to employees that the company is serious about recycling and helping the environment. Many recycling companies in Indianapolis can tell you where to purchase the “greenest” supplies or can provide their services for your projects.

Utilize Employees


Do you have an employee or a group of employees that are very self-motivated, show leadership skills, and are always there to help? Ask them if they would like to help coordinate the recycling program. Not only will this inspire your employees to be more involved in the recycling program, but it’s a great way to reward hard workers.

It doesn’t take much in order to help the planet, and recycling is one of the easiest things you can do. Inspiring a group of people to recycle, though, is often challenging. By making it easier to do, providing incentives, purchasing recycled items, and utilizing skilled employees to coordinate your efforts, you can create a very effective recycling program at your company.

Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches. Follow her on Twitter.