Better Business: Five Ways to Improve Your Sales Team

salesThe sales team is an integral part of any successful business. Sales staff is constantly on the front lines meeting with prospects and clients. Without enough sales, a company can quickly go under. Therefore, it is important to find out why your sales team is under performing, and take positive steps to turn things around.


Even the best salespeople can lack enthusiasm for their job when they hit a sales slump. When a salesperson is not excited about what they sell, a company cannot expect prospects to get interested. Hold seminars and bring in powerful speakers that can rile up a sales team, and get them excited. Create fun contests and give away cool prizes for people that meet their sales goals. Take the sales team on a retreat and have them do bonding exercises. They will feed off of each other’s enthusiasm.

 Adapt a Sales System

A sales team can flounder aimlessly when left to figure out their own selling techniques. Get everyone on the same page by adapting a uniform selling system. This may involve instituting a unique queue management software system for businesses to eliminate ineffective methods.

 Product Training and Reinforcement

Surprisingly, some companies do not bother having their salespeople learn everything about the products they sell. Going out with only scant product information prevents salespeople from closing tougher sales. Each team member should be trained to understand the pros and cons of company products. This allows them to adequately answer questions, and explain how these products can solve real problems.

 Field Knowledge

Sales managers should periodically go into the field with their sales reps. Observation allows managers to see first-hand what kind of issues reps are facing each day. It also provides the company with intimate knowledge about what prospects and customers are really looking for in their industry. This information can be used to develop better training strategies, and the manner in which the product is being presented can be greatly improved.

 Celebrate Achievements

A fast way to excite and motivate a sales team is to formally celebrate their achievements. Give out awards for hitting individual and team sales goals. Publish their successes in the company newsletter. Selling is a challenging profession. Team members that feel appreciated will strive to do their utmost best.

Slumping sales by an unmotivated sales team can be quickly turned around. Support the sales team with positive measures.

Your company sales team is one of the most important parts. Make sure they are working like a well oiled machined by going through old programs and perfecting new ones.

Brooke Chaplan