What are the Best Books For Making a Business Plan

In addition to having sufficient capital, starting a business also depends on the intellectual support. It is known that businesses not only fail because of lack of enough capital and products, but also because of poor guidelines in management. However, you do not have to go to a class for a whole semester in order to start a business because there are several books that can provide the required business knowledge and skills. Below are some common businesses and the how the books can offer information required for business management.

According to Jacquelyn Lynn in the book “Start your own public relation business”, in addition to academic knowledge of the concepts of public relations more knowledge on the current trends in the marketing world is required. This calls for more of networking and understanding people in the field. All this information is detailed well in the book titled “Managing a public relations firm growth and profit” by Alvin Croft. Participation in active marketing activities is also essential. In order to succeed in new public relations, a firm has to be designed effectively. Marketing designing also helps in creation of publications that can be distributed all over the network, thus making prospects get some idea of the firm capabilities.

According to Greg Smith who is a personal lawyer from Smith’s Lawyers, it is not difficult to start a law firm as long as the required steps are adhered to. However, the most complex thing is how to attract clients after setting the business. Careful designing and a detailed business plan is required just like in other businesses. In his book, “Start your own law practice: A Guide to all the things they don’t teach in law school about starting your own firm” shows all the staffing principles required in a law firm.

Staffing needs must be factored in order to determine the right staff for the firm. Knowledge on effective running and managing of a law practice can be gained from the book “How to start and build a law practice” by Jay Foonberg. It offers the best techniques that can be used when starting a personal injury practice.

Another demanding business is a restaurant and if managed effectively it can thrive well. The book “Restaurant business start-up guide” by Paul Daniels holds that in addition to having cooking skills, effective management skills are also required in order to succeed. The book “The complete idiot guide to starting a restaurant” by Cannon Howard looks at locations that restaurants can thrive well, for example, in busy areas and near customers. In such establishment, heavy investment in customer service is necessary. By enhancing the customers experiences in the restaurant by providing proper care, you stand a high chance to gain a competitive edge over other restaurants. It is worth noting that having good food, but have poor customer service would not help much.

Another lucrative business is starting a boutique for designer clothes. A good plan is crucial in order to put all factors of operations into considerations. Such factors include product prices, target market, projected profit and supplier destination according to Debbra Mikaelsen in the book “FabJob Guide to become a boutique owner”. In the book, “Start your own Clothing store and more” by entrepreneur press, location is one of the major factors that should be considered. However, it is also good to note that with proper marketing, location should not be a big issue because customers will find the business if it is stocked with the best designer clothes.

Despite that business management is not for everyone, having the right mind, skills and attitude can help in managing business effectively. Many eBooks are available on the web which provides potential business owners on how to succeed in business. It is, therefore advisable to get your copy now and start your journey of success in business.

Melissa Davis

By Melissa Davis blogger, law student and human right activist. Melissa lives in Brisbane with her family where she enjoys parenting, cycling, and other extreme sports. Contact Melissa – melissa@go8.com.au.

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