The B2B Marketing Mantra

Sales representatives play a vital role for building positive relationships with customers. In most cases, sales representatives are unaware of the the basic stuff that can instead lead customers away from the business. It is essential to contact customers rather than pester them again and again. When it comes to sales representatives, it is necessary for them to have in-depth knowledge about the various products and services as well as the products offered by the competitors for B2B marketing. The best way to draw customers to B2B services is to let them know the manner in which any product or service will help to enhance their businesses. Most customers might highlight that the cost is of utmost importance but actually getting a satisfying sales experience does the trick.



This survey was conducted some time ago which highlighted that simple to complex products had consistent insights which worked easily for most of the B2B companies. These industries have a complex, multi-touch point sales processes which ensures that both the end users and the purchasing professionals are involved.



There is a great difference between that customers give importance and that which actually is important. In terms of B2B marketing, it was found that the major factors considered important by the customers are price and the product aspects. These factors caused them to set a specific opinion about a supplier’s performance which in turn influences their purchasing decisions. It was found that factors such as product or service features and the overall sales experience determines the rating given by customers for the vendor’s overall performance.


It has been noticed many a times that customers undermine a certain sales experience is when the sales representatives don’t have adequate product knowledge and contact customers frequently. This causes less customers to get drawn towards a company’s B2B services. This also highlights that customers mostly prefer to have fewer and meaningful interactions with the sales representatives.


The companies can ensure that these drawbacks are fixed by getting more knowledge about a certain product by making the content development centralized. This ensures that the customers get value propositions. It can also help sales representatives to deeply understand the product through an experiential training and on-the-job coaching along side the content development team. It has been found that the customers were more happy to use self-serve and other online tools that selectively get specialist support for complex situations.


It has been observed that sales representatives need to balance between contacting the customers which shouldn’t be more or less than needed. This can be done with a clear strategy that would help in reaching out to more customers and ensuring that their needs and profit potential are met. It is preferable to opt for the best contact calendar that will enable the sales representatives to create value for customers. These will help in assessing the semiannual business reviews, customer needs and their satisfaction. The basic idea is to lower the interaction costs and yet ensure customer satisfaction. This will enable in identifying and getting solutions to ensure proper interaction with the customer and fulfilling their requirements.


Suraj Singh