Apple vs. Samsung: Last But Not Least

For ones, Samsung and Apple are just brands providing different products which are used daily by millions. They are important especially for those who are involved in financial activities, including Foreign exchange market. Certainly there is quite a large amount of people who also follow to every event taking place around these two brands.
samsung-vs-apple-Recovered Apple and Samsung have continued their struggle for quite a long time and it seemed to be over after the court decision according to which Samsung had to pay quite a large amount of money ($1.05bn) to another giant tech company Apple. However, the situation has not become peaceful at all, and still is in the process. Finally, another decision was declared, according to which US federal judge urged Apple and Samsung to end their ongoing worldwide legal battle over patents. According to Lucy Koh, the judge, the time of peace has come. Currently Samsung is looking for a new trial, or reduced sum because of the fact that a jury has announced that Apple had made violations regarding patents. For this case a series of rulings are going to be issued over a few weeks. Apple has made a request for an increase in the award and also for a permanent ban on the US sales of eight Samsung smartphones, which the jury had claimed were produced using Apple’s patented technology illegally. The main issue for Samsung is the fact of legality and criteria when calculating the amount that it had to pay to Apple.

Time will show the next events over these two brands.

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