Lighting Technology Advancement

Save Energy, Save money, Save Planet”.

Energy is a very basic and primary need for every living organism.  Most of the part of energy has consumed by lighting fixture and no need to say that without lighting we can’t do anything or we can’t survive for a long time.

Some years ago incandescent lights fixtures were used, still they are of usage, but do you know?

– How much harmful they are?

– How much costly they are?

– How they affect on our daily life?

energy-savingThere are many facts and issues related to traditional incandescent light system and because of those, now everyone is switching for energy-saving light fixtures. Incandescent lights have consumed a great part of energy. It has consumed 80% energy to product heat and 20% energy to produce visible light so, you can imagine  how much incandescent lights are costly.

If you are getting high electricity bills, then at first check your lighting fixtures. It can happen due to old incandescent light fixtures. Apart from it Incandescent bulbs have no longer life. You have to replace them again and again. They are not good for health.

What is the advancement in lighting or how to overcome with incandescent lights?

A very simple answer of this question is the LED (Light Emitting Diode). Advance in lighting technology has invented LED lights for each and every type of applications in houses, in public areas, for decoration, for street lighting, etc.

CFL, induction lighting is also a very good choice for energy-saving light fixtures, but LED is a far better option.  There are various kinds of size and shapes available in LED lights. It would be better to purchase a high quality LED light form reputed dealer like  Adattsi because high quality LED lights will give you more benefits.

Is LED far better than other light fixtures?

-LED is energy-saving. They use 90% energy to produce light and 10 % energy to product heat. So they help to save money in Electricity bill.

-LED lights are pollution free.
-No need to replace them again and again. Just need to install them at once and then forget it.
-Supports various color spectrums so, good for decoration purpose.
-Although they are bit costly, but as described above there is no need to change them often.

If we talk about future of LED light, then it has a promising future. In the upcoming year it will take over all other lighting techniques. It is a real life replacement of most of the energy-saving light fixtures.