5 ways to grow your business

Starting a business is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you can do in life. With so many new business not making it through the first year, it is an achievement just to make it to that point. However, you can’t rest on your laurels then because the hard work is only just beginning.


Growing your business from a start up into a fully-fledged company takes a lot of hard work. However, there are a few sure fire ways to make it happen. Follow some or all of the following tips from easy offices and you should see your business grow before your eyes.



Go automatic
How much time do you spend doing small admin or computer tasks by hand? We’re betting that a large part of your time is spent doing little jobs that you rather wouldn’t have to do. So, why not look into automation methods for your company? Everything from mail shots to answering services let you get on with the real job of running the business and devising new ways of generating profit.

If there is no automated way of doing a task, then you could always let someone else do it. We understand that it is tempting to want to do it all yourself but get the right staff and they will be able to do some of the work that takes up your time. Delegation is one of the key skills of running a business and the one that allows you to make the step up from start up to serious concern.

Penetrate new markets
Even if your products are selling or your services are in demand, there will always be markets that you have not tapped. Whether it’s international sales, an online presence or simply setting up a branch in another CBD, growing your market horizons will increase revenue streams and allow the business to grow.

Develop new products
As well as new markets, new products also allow you to grow the business. You should always be thinking about developing new services and ideas. Business rarely stands still for long and so even if you are selling well currently, it only takes a small change to render your products out of date or obsolete. Rather than starting all again, why not keep the development process ongoing so that you can always adapt to change?

Move premises
Sometimes the company will outgrow the current premises. Other times you might be paying more for the space than you need to. Shop around for office space or even look into the possibility of serviced office space to keep your options open and a level of flexibility within the company. Companies like www.easyoffices.com offer these facilities at great rates. Having the ability to move offices quickly and with a minimum of fuss when you grow will make it much easier and less painful for this to happen. The last thing you want when a big deal comes in is to see it stall as you don’t have enough desk space.

So, keep these in mind as the business grows and you should see the results on the bottom line.