5 Cars That You Can Get As Business Cars That Look Professional

For a professional businessman, it is important to look the part. While most people think that means wearing the right clothes, it is about more than that. You want your car to say something about you when you are driving to a meeting or around town. It is all about creating the right impression. If you are meeting a client and you turn up in a 10 year old Toyota, you will not create much of an impression. On the other hand, driving in thanks to your new Mercedes will make people stand up and notice.

Even if you have not reached the pinnacle of your business life just yet, you will want to upgrade to a car that is as lavish as possible. It is not about indulging in your desire to have a fast car, but about creating the right impression with other people. Cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi are top of the line. Anyone who drives one of these cars is going to impress new clients, acquaintances, and fellow businessmen.

Here are five top choices for business cars that will make a huge impression:


1. Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes Benz M class and CLS class are two of the best options for those who want to make the right impression. The M class is a 4×4 while the CLS is a saloon model. Both of these cars are great for driving at high speeds, but also provide comfort, security, and plenty of seat room.

2. Audi

The Audi R8 Coupe is one of the best luxury cars on the market, in addition to the A3 and A4 class. These cars are classy, quick, and highly impressionable. If you are worried about being eco friendly and having a low miles per gallon, you may want to choose the Audi TT Quattro.

3. BMW

The BMW 3 and 5 series are two of the most popular cars around. These are cars that not only allow for safe and smooth driving, but they ooze class and charisma. A businessman will feel right at home inside a BMW, no matter where they live. The BMW 3 series is in its sixth generation, meaning that it is a top of the line and highly advanced piece of machinery.

4. Ford

While Ford is not in the class of BMW or Mercedes, it is still a very highly rated car company. Ford is known for their green cars, such as the Ford Kuga 4×4. These cars not only look great, but they will also get you excellent fuel usage rates. The CO2 emissions for the Ford Kuga are also a lot lower than most cars on the market.

5. Volkswagen

No car will impress people more than the Volkswagen EOS convertible. If you live in a place with great weather, this is the car you need to be driving. The VW Golf GTI is slightly larger and less exotic looking, but it is a very good alternative.

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